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18th May, Monday

Shifting Materialities: Reflections on the Making of an Online Display

This panel discussion tries to contextualise Un-dure, the online display of the 2020 batch of MA Visual Art, SCCE, AUD as a response to the new and unsettling experiences of the global pandemic and it’s wide ranging repercussions. It will attempt to reflect upon the process of making the display as a pedagogic moment through which we are discovering new possibilities of becoming communities, sharing infrastructures and reconfiguring artistic practices.

19th May, Tuesday

In this online tumblr tutorial, student artist Sukh Mehak Kaur will give a walkthrough of her blog :
Farzi Firozi. >
She’s inviting you to an hour long google meet video conference to watch and talk about how she set up her blog, via setting up a new free tumblr website as a comparison and understanding of the choices she made and the choices she couldn’t!
You’ll get to see the dashboard and the backend of ‘Farzi-Firozi’.
She’ll also share and talk about her; concerns about accumulation, wish to radicalise comfort and compulsion to collect anxieties.

(Maybeeee…. also build a blog alongside her?? !!!)

She’s looking forward to this with great excitement.
(Believe me, I am her.)

google meet link

fb event page

20th May, Wednesday

Notes :

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