Preview Video

A quick preview of the interior, since in some case the hardware might not support the graphic content of Antar-Indriya. 


Antar-Indriya, antar means inner and indriya means sense. The work is a re-fabrication of my existing Ideas for a physical display. Due to the country-wide lockdown in the time of worldwide humanitarian distress, my nebulous Ideas demanded a re-shaping in terms of content, process and medium. I would like the work to be marked at a transition phase of thinking – in physical and digital platform. It undergoes a series of trial and error in the process of its making and could not have been possible without having a step by step assistance from my professors and friends. It made me think more and more in terms of association and collaboration in the process of making of the work. I feel it to be as much as theirs as mine.


The work intends to provide its viewers an experience of sensations as they roam around the inside space. The black void space that may reflect upon the current situation of 2020 – a time where nothing seems to have a closure but leaves every human being in an ambiguous state.