Components, layouts and building blocks from physical space that are photographed, sculpted and digitally manipulated in making of the Antar-indria – an interactive digital space. 

Images that are traditionally recognised to be beautiful, ornamental, and used for decorative purposes are often expressive with their own flow. Their beauty carries a connotation of goodness- ‘ideal’ that covers up every bit of what is considered unwanted.The organic flow and minute intricacies demand intense concentration and patience that allows one to travel along every curve. One can escape Time in the process of their making. 

Medium: pen on paper| Size: 13X9 inches
Medium: pen on paper| Size: 6X8 inches
Medium: Oil Pastel on paper| Size: 6X8 inches
Medium : pen and ink on paper | Size : 6X8 inches

Yet the question remains, how much can we really cover up? And what remains? How to cope with some horrific anxious feelings that are buried deep down? And what does one’s everyday existence feel like?

Some horrific news of sexual harassment and rape makes oneself rethink our safety measures. From their very narratives, such incidents not only make oneself filled with hatred, but one may also feel vulnerable, anxious and eventually helpless. Such incidents cannot be depicted in their truest form. But realizing the truthfulness of the fact of their very existence leaves behind some frightening impressions of reality. Those realities that are hidden, covered up, avoided and forgotten with time.

Medium: burnt plastic, wax, matchstick and ink on paper| Size : 6X7 inches

During the initial days of the COVID-19 pandemic, what filled the vacuum of the everyday were the newsfeeds—almost like a war with some unknown/invisible enemy. Confinement, distance, safety, togetherness, ‘staying home’—confusion prevails in every term. Mankind is fighting against all manner of distress—physical, psychological, social, economic, etc. There is ambiguity in every aspect of life. There are barriers built both physically and mentally. As if the world has become stagnant. Restrictions in movement, anxieties around livelihood, life and death, hunger, uncertainty of future—all exist at once. But a flow manages to move through every barrier.

Title: CREEP | Medium: newspaper cutouts on paper | Size : 12X36 inches

The tri-colour being associated with an ever-growing sense of ‘nationalism’. The strength of the colours with their ideal symbolic meanings and contexts are being manipulated and reduced to mere politics and self-interests. Often these days we find the glorified form to be superficial. Some intensified thinking may allow us to recognize such ‘nationalism’ as pseudo and hollow. The work intends to capture an experience of destruction and degeneration of such a sensation.

Title- Tri-Colour