The portrait artist is an alchemist who seeks to make inert physical material ‘line’ and show us a person, an actual individual whose physical embodiment reveals psychological awareness, consciousness and an inner emotional life.                 

 –Cynthia Freeland

In life a person goes through so many ups and downs and whatever they experience in this journey is equally internal as much as it is external. The documentation of their actions through their body tells us about the characteristics of that person. For instance this collage of photographs of my mother, with the residue, scars, lines, on her body and the objects she uses. They have a language of their own. They have this revealing nature in them. They share some essential information about the person. Through my practice, I am continuously trying to unpack the representation of a portrait by thinking through the relationship of a person with another person. Who they are surrounded with.  The material of the objects and the impressions left on those objects over the period of time.

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