What do the edgy nights often say to odd trails ? what odd trails say next to absurd grown on their skin. is this called the time  that  continuous events should trample the nubs of existences..??

you are here.. this is not about your eyes.. this is not just about your eyes… it could be bit painful.. this is about the dread pricks in eyes of nights… this about trembling eyes  spread across the unseen trails.. this is about eyes exploding like silent bombs ..far away from your eyes….

most of the night is fragmented, scattering here and there. But still i can hold it in my arm. i can feel its exhausted veins, shaking drains, shocked sky, and stale food. .

can cemented eye feel bit more?

can burning eye smell bit more?

can rusty eye spread bit more?

can sleepless eye listen bit more?

can bewildered eye roar bit more?

most of time i have not asked about brutal times bursting  on head.. most of time i asked about acid came out in throat… i look back through old tales..   odd trails..