That night while everyone else was sleeping, they had agreed that upon hearing the sound, they would try and get to the root of what was causing it. Pip and sleuthy would climb down from their branch and Bobby would swoop down and join them for their excursion. 

When the sound started, they all ventured into the park and met. The message was also conveyed to Ronnie the Rat who also nerviously joined – he had never been above ground before.

They followed the sound until they came to a dazzlingly bright light at the edge of the park, further than they had ever ventured before. As they drew closer the racket grew louder and louder. Around the light were hundreds of tiny black flecks, bouncing into the light from all angles like tumulous raindrops. They were tiny winged creatures, the likes of which they had never seen before… The little voices were absolutely distinct now, as if they were speaking directly to them… Messengers of the New Paradigm.