Hello Stranger,

I haven’t heard from you yet, I hope all is well where you are. I hope you’re loved ones are in good health.

The longer this lockdown goes on I find myself less able to sleep.

Does that happen to you too? I hope not.

How are your studies going? Hope it’s different to the way mine are going; it’s like being lost in an ocean.

When I was a little girl I used to dream that I was floating on a mattress in the middle of a vast ocean, night after night, with a plethora of strange and unusual sea creatures swimming around and beneath me. (Maybe I watched the movie Jaws too many times…) It feels a little like that now.

What do you dream about these days?

Just in case you can’t sleep, here’s the start of a story. I started to write it one night when I couldn’t sleep. Do you remember in my last letter I started telling you about the park? Well this is a little unfinished story about that very same park and its creatures.

Enjoy. Take care

All my love