A set of drawings I made at night ,watching my mother’s feet


Considering all the good and bad that can happen in this lockdown. The mass migration of daily wage and migrant labourers and their families in the search of home is one of the major transfers that is still happening and that one can’t avoid or forget.

My family migrated from Bihar to Uttar Pradesh, 45 years ago. The history of their migration was also around this situation (for earning a living and the wish to be  with their loved ones).

The load on their feet, the displacement, tiredness and sense of not belonging can be reflected upon by the cracks on their feet.

The load on the feet that my mother carries. She stands on her feet all day long and only at night she lies  down.

My concern is about the load one’s feet carry, how feet speak, how they communicate, how they communicate the story of migration and which crack they elaborate on.

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