Dear Aishwarya, Navraj and Sahajiya

I know anxiety is very common between us all. I am anxious too. After getting anxious, I won’t be able to do anything. I know you all are also hanging around your doors and windows and why not, it is the only point that connects the inseparable two worlds. I try a lot to forget about the situation we are in, but can’t do anything is the pain I am carrying within.

Yesterday, I was sitting near my main door and looking. It has this hole in it. I looked through it and tried to escape. Most of the time there is a saree hanging on that rope and with a little touch of a wind it flows. I feel those smooth and unstable waves inside me. I almost escaped through it but then just like the end in this my focus had shifted. I again found myself sitting on the chair near the door. Trying to escape again but this time through my window.

I have these small pots at the edge of my window. They were gifts that I bought for my mother on her birthday. She loves to have a garden but we can’t have much space. These days she is at home with me. She takes care of these pots like a baby she took care of me. It was pretty amazing to watch this Dandelion seed sitting next to the Syngonium plant. It reminds me of the relation of a mother and a child. And the nurturing that goes on. When we have no place we choose nature to hide. Let’s stay close to it and the creatures on the other side. I hope they still look for us and realize that we are alive.

I have been drifting around to these places in search of you. Where do I find you? I have no clue. I hope
you all will keep on trying to escape through the peephole, doors and window. The day will come soon
when we all cross borders between these two worlds.

Yours lovingly