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       An exchange of photons . . .

In the age of instant communication technologies , letters have become a relic of past and an object of nostalgia. From the point of utility they carry little value now, but surely the form of exchange of letters has a unique experiential value. What would it mean to recreate the experience of a letter in contemporary context? Letters carry the weight of waiting and anticipation with them. Our exchange of messages and information on internet operating via optical fibres can be seen as an exchange of photons. I engage in a conversation with pole star, which also takes place in the form of an exchange of photons. Through my letter to the pole star, I look for the lost space where one could hold on to time. It is a letter which travels at the speed of light, yet it will take an eternity to reach due to the sheer distance between us. The second letter comes as a response to the interactions of Hrishi with a moth. The moth is a lover of light, so passionate that it gets consumed in it. 

All these conversations have become possible as I am privileged enough to have an access to the rooftop. Rooftop has become a collective site for outlet of emotions as people get locked down in their houses. There I meet Ankur with his camera,  where he is busy with his explorations of light, which is illuminating the contours of a new reality.