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NO0-n0o BirD <3

When NO0-n0o BirD came to us here in DomeWorld, he was broken. He had prematurely fallen from the Sky World. He was weak and very afraid to begin with, but after careful crop/syringe feeding 4 times a day and lots of love and care, he started to grow bigger and stronger. Eventually he learned to eat all by himself, and we three would sit together and feast on bananas, watermelon, papaya. 

The time had come when NoO-noO Bird was almost fully grown and had begin to exercise his beautiful olive-green wings. We decided that it was time for him to go back and join the other birds in the Sky World.

But the night before his return to the Sky World, the cruel and twisted hand of fate took  NO0-n0o bird from us in a traumatic flash… 

NO0-n0o BirD I will always love you. I know your spirit is soaring through the Sky World.

Thank you for reminding us that there is goodness on planet Earth. Being your foster mum had been the greatest joy.