Private Spaces / Community Gazes

Our private spaces are not private. They are subject to community interventions. A community that one is a part of, or maybe still not a part of. A private space strives to belong to a bigger common. A bigger common that can be recognized for its class, culture, society, caste, geography.  

Spaces like puja ghar are a result of negotiations of-by-with-within communities. These spaces put the bigger commons on a display and showcase the affiliations this private space is tied to.  

Rooftops have turned into new community spaces. Spaces where a community exercises in the mornings, socializes, spaces where acquaintances turn into friends, spaces to feel the sudden rain, spaces to sleep – for some under the star laden sky, for some a mosquito net comes in between. Almost everyone seems to have a similar routine, almost everyone is gazing around, looking at every other one do the same routine.