A Brief description :

This exhibition consists of four projects under different subjects. Few things in all the projects are similar which are about creating a comfortable space with loved ones despite the pandemic situation which also speaks about my reluctance in facing the world.  Another subject that I address in some of the work is disability, sometimes in an autobiographical mode and at other times through interactive projects.


Chiaroscuro Photography, encasing the depth and the soul. Monochrome shades limit the qualities and at the same time heightening crucial features. 



Pen and Ink patterns turned into Kaleidoscopic patterns interpreting the confusion and emptiness between different lines.

Retracing The Paths

A compilation of different drawings made during a workshop I conducted at a care home. I have retraced the drawings by the women at the care home and converted them into Gifs.


A conversation regarding the current situation of a lockdown during the pandemic. Exploring the bond with anxiety and hope.

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